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2015 MTV VMAs – Where are all the rock bands?

Every year, there is guarenteed to be a shocking moment during the MTV Video Music Awards.  The 2015 VMAs did not disappoint in that regard, from the outrageous Miley Cyrus to an akward Kanye West.  

What was disappointing however was the fact that no rock bands performed during the VMAs. No Walk the Moon, no… read more

Kanye West Apologizes to Beck

Maybe Kanye West does have a conscious as he just announced publicly on Twitter that he apologizes to Beck for his actions at The Grammy’s. Just another case of music bringing people together. Stick to the genius inside of you Kanye, less hate equals more productivity.

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MTV Music Awards 2013

Moon men have been gracing the stage of the MTV Music Awards for the last 3o years but a new area of music has begun and the moon man is getting a make over. Indy, electricnic dance and a new brand of hip-hop has taken over, as Mumford and Son, Calvin Harris and A$AP Rocky are nominated… read more