true music festival

The sweet sounds of DJ BassNectar


BassNectar is the creation of Lorin Ashton, a San Francisco-based DJ, producer and artist respectively. He is widely known for his live performances, lightshows and community engagement. BassNectar initially started out as a music experimentation discovering the relationship between music and community.  BassNectar music includes music from most genres then a little flavor is added… read more

Wiz Khalifa – Rise of a True MC

Wiz Khalifa aka Cameron Jibril Thomaz, stage name derived from wisdom and shortened to Wiz and khalifa, an Arabic word meaning “successor” has set the hip-hop world on fire and blazed a trail of success since releasing his hit single “Black and Yellow” in 2011.  The Pittsburgh native started his career at the age of 16… read more

“If You Will It….It Is No Dream”

Chicago native Jarid Dietrich has no super powers but he is smart enough to get the Incredible Hulk and the right people for his organization, as he puts it, to pull together an A-team of booking agents, PR and marketing professionals and a group of people who have a relentless passion to make True Music Festival happen.

Dietrich… read more