Restless Streets is a melodic rock outfit from Albany, NY. The band creates their sound as an extension of their own personal lives and experiences. Spontaneity, romance and deviance resonate in the wake of each members daily behavior and each song they live to create.

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Emerging pop artist Celine Farach discusses how signing with Wilhelmina Models at a young age and now One Management, has helped strengthen her confidence and evolve as a professional. She also touches on producers she is collaborating with, new music releases and how she connects with fans to inspire them to pursue their own dreams.

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Matt Brown, the Founder and CEO of Haulix joins us to discuss why it’s more important than ever to protect your music in a digital world. Whether you’re a publicist, manager or artist, Haulix gives you the ability to create branded promotional web pages, manage press contacts and add watermarks through their one-of-a-kind invitation system that automatically generates secure links to your content.


Tuesday 1/31 @ 5pm PT / 7pm CT


Brooklyn based alternative hip-hop slayers, Shinobi Ninja join us to swing swords like Conan, talk music and discuss why they bend spoons.

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Wendesday 12/14 @ 4pm PT / 7pm ET

Tom Bates of Vendetta Mood joins us to share his thoughts on why wearing 10 gallon cowboy hats while playing Kanye covers on an acoustic guitar could be the next big thing.  Follow @vendettamood 


Alternative hip-hop group Oxymorrons took a few minutes to hang with us before their set at Thee Parkside in San Francisco.  Their EP Complex But Basic is available now @


Dakota Gartner, lead vocalist of the indie rock band Naked Walrus joins us to talk about their single “Minus” and new EP “Simple,” which is available for Pre-Order NOW on iTunes.

Tuesday 10/25 @ 730pm PT / 1030pm ET


The Alvarez Kings, lead vocalist Simon Thompson joins us from the U.K.

Thursday 10/13 @ 11am PT / 7pm GMT

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Interview with Patrick Walford host of Rock The Walls on idobi Howl.  With over four hundred interviews in the can, including Whitechapel, August Burns Red, and A Day To Remember, Walford is a long trusted voice in the music scene.

Tuesday @ 8/2 4pm PT / 7pm ET

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Interview with Blackey Deathproof, lead vocalist of Midnight Mob

5pm PT / 8 pm ET 6/28



Jocelyn & Chris Arndt Are the Soulful Heart of Rock N’ Roll – Interview

4pm PT / 7 pm ET 6/27


Get to Know Everywhere, indie pop rock from the U.K.

10 am PT / 6pm GMT on Friday 5/20

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Alternative rockers Dash | Ten are a band to watch for and have been invited to play the entire Vans Warped Tour this summer.

Find out why at 4pm PT / 7pm ET on 5/4


The electronic, pop and hip-hop influenced 3-piece Peanut Gallery perform LIVE from San Antonio, TX

Thursday 4/28  @ 4pm PT / 6pm CT

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Interview with Matt Halpern, Drummer for Periphery and Music Business Guru with The Entertainment Institute

11 am PT / 2pm ET on 4/13

We will be discussing how TEI is providing workshops through the Vans Warped Tour to help inspire and educate emerging artists and those interested in entering the music industry.

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Interview with Warped Tour Founder Kevin Lyman to Discuss the People, Places and Experiences That Helped Shape Who He Is and the lineup for VWT 2016

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