• U.K. Metal-Core Rockers A Higher Demise

  • Mayday Parade, Cartel, All Time Low Producers ZK Productions at Driven

  • Nick Floyd’s Epic Ride: Live Life To The Fullest

  • Bring Me The Horizon – Drown

  • Hanging out with Greg Sieme @ Dangerbird Records

The Latest News

  • Hardwell Lit Up The PHX Skyline

    The Phoenix Lights Festival is a wrap, headliners Hardwell, ZedsDead, Jauz and Kill The Buzz absolutely killed it. The lights glimmered in the desert as a few of the hottest DJ’s in the game threw down mixes and base lines that are likely still echoing in the minds of party goers. The Civic Space Park, Phoenix skyline and a supreme lights show combined to create an atmosphere comparable to a Vegas rooftop. Robin Schulz was… read more

  • Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

    If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is Drake’s recently released surprise album, and if you are just hearing about the drop now, it might actually be too late for you. With this most recent effort, Drake has effectively reinforced his claim to the hip hop / R&B throne. Even though it is rumored to be a throwaway collection of songs meant to fulfill Drake’s contract with Cash Money (so that he can release the… read more

  • Phoenix Lights Festival – This Is How True Music X Throws A Party

    The last time True Music X founder Jarid Dietrich threw a party, Capital Cities and Wiz Khalifa showed up with the VW Bus from Burning Man,  jammed packed with hipsters who then jumped out of an airplane and sky dived into the music festival. Don’t take our word for it, watch if for yourself here so you know what to expect when the Phoenix Lights go out and the dance party begins. Dietrich and his team at True Music… read more

  • Hanging Out With Warped Tour Founder Kevin Lyman

    We had the opportunity to hang out with Warped Tour and Mayhem Festival founder, entrepreneur and all around good dude Kevin Lyman recently.  He shared his thoughts on why he still loves discovering new bands, his newest endeavor The Entertainment Institute, and why he keeps coming back to the                 Driven Music Conference. Lyman’s tours have helped break some of the hottest emerging artists over the last 20 years including No Doubt, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy and Eminem to name a few. … read more

Dream Center

  • Coachella 2015 Lineup

    I hope you are as stoked as we are for the Coachella 2015 lineup! We hope to see you there! Coachella 2015 is guaranteed to be killed festival and the good folks who put on the who never disappoint. There is always surprises and you never know who’s post mortem hologram will appear on stage to perform a defining set and erupt the crowd. Heavy metal gods AC/DC headline open night along side multi-genre super bands… read more

  • Hozier Takes Us To Church With Great Songwriting

    We can’t get enough of this record.  Irish born Andrew Hozier-Byrne is soulful, thoughtful and has a realistic perspective on songwriting. Grammy nominated for Song of the Year, “Take Me To Church” released over a year ago is proving to be a meaningful song that has spread like wildfire. He challenges the thought of being condemned   when he “was born sick,” a metaphor for being born free and not denying who you are despite conformity. “I was… read more

  • Q&A with Scott Heisel Managing Editor, Alternative Press

    We had the good fortune of meeting Scott Heisel the Managing Editor of Alternative Press at the Driven Music Conference this past weekend. We threw back a few drinks, talked about music, social media, business and life in general and learned a lot from this incredibly engaging, articulate, forward thinking and bad ass and transparent journalist from one of the greatest independent rock magazines of all time that has covered bands from Nirvana, Green Day, My Chemical Romance,… read more

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