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RSD was a proud sponsor of True Music Festival    

 Gabe - Kopecky Family Band @kopeckyfamily                                                                                                                      

Lot 323 showcase - SXSW @SXSW2014



Every year over 2,000 artists from all genres of music showcase at South By Southwest in Austin, TX to  build  their fan base, capture record label attention and gain further exposure.  After bouncing around to different shows throughout the week ranging from punk, rock, EDM, hip-hop and indy-pop, some good and some rough, I had the good fortune of stumbling into the music grail that is the Holy Mountain Backyard as if a light from heaven shined onto the stage compelling me to walk in.

Beneath the faint purple lights, the soft face and warm doe blue eyes of Brooklyn, NY soul singer Doe Paoro graced the staged with a talented group of musicians. From the first note and vocal I knew I was listening to something special. The ethereal blend of R&B, pop, dub step and soul filled my soul.  The deep grooves of the bass guitar accompanied by a cello, keys, a talented leader guitarist and a drummer that just ripped in background filled the room with sick beats and an enchanting voice. We caught up with Doe Paoro right after her set to keep the good vibes going.



Artists To Watch For in 2014

RSD had the opportunity and good fortune to interview many of these bands/artists and witness their music live. From watching heavy metal sirens Heidi Shepard and Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies at The Roxy in L.A. to listening to the melodic reggae/rock vibes of Black Bottom Lighters at True Music Festival in the desert of AZ, all of these artists representing different genres of music are incredible musicians that play with a passion and sound that is undeniable and infectious. If they aren't currently on your playlist....they need to be!  

Rock Star Dreams, LLC artist Black Bottom Lighters @BLKBTMLTRS

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